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23 Things Parents Do That Scare You About Having Kids

You thought you wanted kids. 1. Talk about how much money it costs to raise a kid. View this image › Flickr: louish / Via Creative Commons “Did you see that study that says it now costs a quarter of a million dollars to raise a kid?” 2. Make a big deal about all of […]

Chris Rock serves up chicken and waffles at #BETAwards2014 [Vine]

.@ChrisRock passing out Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles during #BETAwards = classic. — billboard (@billboard) June 30, 2014 @billboard @chrisrock are you trying to pull and Ellen and Pizza at the Oscars.. sounds like it.. but Chicken and Waffles are tasty.. — Marjeana (@concertchk) June 30, 2014 Chris Rock did indeed channel Ellen Degeneres, who passed […]

Benefits of Game Hunting

There are many reasons why people hunt. Most people are motivated to fish and hunt to relax, get close to nature, experience the challenge and to have a good time with friends and family. Many of the hunters do not engage in the activity in order to bring home dinner. Those who argue against “hunting […]

Why 3D Archery Can Make You a Better Bow Hunter

A 3D archery course is basically a course in which a bunch of 3D animal targets are set up in bush, in real hunting state of affairs positions. Each target has a heart, lung and body section. In most cases a heart shot is 10pts, a lung shot is 8 pts and a body shot […]

The art of hunting

When early man drew depictions on cave walls of his life, what he saw, how things were, inevitably, there were depictions of hunting. Pictures of stick-men with spears, and four-legged drawings running from, or being killed by them. Great care was taken in making these drawings. So much care, in fact, that particular species can […]

Becareful Of Disease While Hunting

There are many possibilities for hunters to get sick. Many critics consider these aspects to be nature’s defense mechanisms towards human interference. Whatever the case may be, care must be taken when outdoors at all times to avoid these diseases and these problems. There are many precautions one can take to avoid getting sick in […]

An overview of the hunting season for grouse in the UK

The hunting season for grouse (partridge-like game birds) in the UK spans from the 12 August (the official starting date) right through until mid-December. It is a popular annual activity, and has been a traditional endeavor in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years. In the past, such hunting was often reserved only for the […]

History of Hunting in America

We all know what hunting is, but how did hunting begin to be recognized as a sport rather than a necessity of life? You might be surprised to learn just how long people have engaged in sport hunting, and even in remote areas of the world! Hunting is the practice of tracking down and killing […]

Origin and Meaning of "Beat Around the Bush"

The likely origin of the phrase, beat around the bush, is derived from early hunting techniques in which unarmed men would walk around the forest beating tree branches and making noise, so as to flush the game from the bush. This allowed the hunters to avoid directly approaching the animals. This technique was most often […]

Newspaper Article Claims Hunting Worse Than Dogfighting

As hunters, we are used to attacks on our lifestyle from the animal-rights-vegetarian-vegan coalition. But an article by Matt Spencer in the Lowell Sun (“Give Bambi a shotgun, then hunting would be a fair fight,”) stating that hunting is worse than dogfighting was so mindboggling and utterly fraught with fallacies that we had to set […]

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